Becoming a member

Membership Fees


My company is already member of ZGP
(a reduced fee applies)   
IHRC CHF 180.--/p.a.
Individual membership IHRC (non ZGP members)  IHRC CHF 300.--/p.a.
Dual membership   ZGP & IHRC CHF 400.-/p.a.
What you need to know about IHRC
Membership criteria
  • Seasoned HR professionals with established experience and interest in the area of international human resources as well as interest and respect for cross-cultural issues and a commitment to share knowledge and experiences for all to benefit.
  • Experience as a HR practitioner is required.
  • Membership is personal and not transferable.
  • Very good command of English. All meetings and correspondence will be in English.
Members’ rights and obligations
Members have the right to participate in the programs and events organized by “IHRC” and enjoy all membership benefits offered. The members are obliged to pay the annual fees. They are charged half of the annual fee in case they join after June of the calendar year. The fee is non-refundable. Should members be in arrears with their fee payment their membership will be suspended.Members who wish to cancel their membership of “IHRC” need to do so in writing three months before the end of the calender year. Members are free to join ZGP as regular member and thus enjoy all membership rights and benefits.
Approval / review of conditions
ZGP approves new members based on a completed application form which meets membership criteria and informs members in writing of their acceptance. ZGP is not obliged to provide reasons for non acceptance of membership applications. The ZGP Board maintains the right to change these conditions as it sees fit and can make changes without prior notice.