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International Human Resources Community


The International Human Resources Community in Switzerland is an English speaking professional network of human resources professionals with international experience who value sharing ideas and learning from each other.

Under the umbrella of the Zürcher Gesellschaft für Personalmanagement (ZGP) – Switzerland’s largest association of HR professionals with close to 3,000 members – the community provides a platform based on expertise, professionalism and trust which enhances understanding the cross-cultural issues and the global dimensions of our work to the benefit of the members and the organisations in which they work.

The IHRC provides our Swiss-based international HR network the opportunity to learn, grow and connect with their peers across all industries and knowledge areas in the ever changing world of HR. We provide a forum for learning and development opportunities that increase knowledge and best practice sharing on specific HR related topics within the DACH region and internationally.

We at the IHRC actively promote the role of human capital as the most crucial asset in any organization and the only sustainable for competitive advantage. Our members are international HR professionals eager to learn, grow and develop their expertise and share their knowledge and skills.


The International Human Resources Community in Switzerland aims to provide:

  • an English speaking network for international HR professional working in Switzerland and Swiss HR professionals working for organisations that operate internationally, 

  • a platform for HR professionals representing a wide spectrum of organisations (e.g. multinationals, small and mid-sized companies, international not-for-profit organisation, etc.) to share ideas, knowledge and support so they can grow professionally, 

  • a forum for learning and development opportunities to enhance knowledge and best practice sharing on specifically relevant topics, 

  • an international community to build professional and business relationships.


IHRC is made possible by YOU, the IHRC community in Switzerland, the most relevant community for HR and leadership matters!

Would you like to shape our HR community? Come and join a dynamic team of HR professionals and help us design the program, find great speakers, recruit new members and bring our community forward. Tanya Greiner is the programm manager of IHRC. Please contact her to find out more. You can reach her via LinkedIn.


IHRC offers a wide range of dynamic and informative HR seminars, workshops, events and conferences. The events take place either early in the morning, during lunchtime or in the evening so you can combine our HR events easily with your business agenda!

Events 2022 Date
IHRC powered Connect | Talent Acquisition 3.3.
IHRC | Fast Forward - New Normal! | Jolanda Grob, CHRO ZURICH 22.3.

Please check the full program on Full program ZGP | IHRC, sort by 'IHRC'



We look forward to new members. You can register for membership on the page Application form | Mitgliedschaftsantrag. Please note the following and especially the frequently asked questions below.

Membership criteria

The criteria for admission as a member are:

  • Seasoned HR professionals with established experience and interest in the area of international human resources as well as interest and respect for cross-cultural issues and a commitment to share knowledge and experiences for all to benefit.

  • Experience as an HR practitioner is required.

  • Membership is personal and not transferable.

  • Very good command of English. All meetings and correspondence will be in English.

If you feel unsure if there is a fit with you and the community, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

Members’ rights and obligations

Members have the right to participate in the programs and events organized by IHRC and enjoy all membership benefits offered. The members are obliged to pay the annual fees. They are charged half of the annual fee in case they join after June of the calendar year. The fee is non-refundable. Should members be in arrears with their fee payment their membership will be suspended. Members who wish to cancel their membership of IHRC need to do so in writing by end of September the latest before the end of the membership-year. Members are free to join ZGP as regular members and thus enjoy all membership rights and benefits.

Approval / Review of conditions

ZGP approves new members based on a completed application form which meets membership criteria and informs members in writing of their acceptance. ZGP is not obliged to provide reasons for non acceptance of membership applications. The ZGP Board maintains the right to change these conditions as it sees fit and can make changes without prior notice.

Frequently asked questions

Who is IHRC?

International Human Resources Community (IHRC) is an affiliated community of the Zürcher Gesellschaft für Personal-Management (ZGP), the largest regional HR Community in Switzerland with close to 3’000 members.

What are the benefits of joining the IHRC?

The IHRC is

  • a network for English speaking international HR professional working in Switzerland,

  • a platform for HR professionals representing a wide spectrum of organizations (multinationals, small and mid-sized companies, international not-for-profit organization, etc.) to share ideas, knowledge and network and

  • a forum for learning and development opportunities that increase knowledge and best practice sharing on specific HR related topics.

IHRC cooperates on select projects and cross-promotes it activities through the following channels:

  • LinkedIn

  • ZGP on LInkedIn

  • European Association for People Management (EAPM)

  • Worls Federation for People Management (WFPMA)

  • Firms and non-profits organizations doing primary research on HR related themes

What are the criteria for membership?

  • Experienced and well established HR professionals interested in international human resources and who have a respect for cross-cultural issues.

  • Open to sharing knowledge and experiences for the benefit of the community.

  • Membership is personal and not transferable.

  • Professional working proficiency in English. All meetings and correspondence are in English.

Can I attend an event before deciding to join IHRC?

A member of the Core Team or the ZGP/IHRC office needs to approve your ‘one time’ participation if you are not already an IHRC member. Following attendance to one of our events, you will be contacted and asked to provide feedback and to see if you would like to join IHRC.

What is included in the membership fee?

The standard individual membership fee is CHF 300.–/p.a. If a person in your organization is already a member of ZGP, the annual membership fee is CHF 180.–/p.a. Dual membership (ZGP & IHRC) is CHF 400.–/p.a.

Registrations from July 1st onwards are charged half the annual fee. Lunch & Learn and Breakfast dialogues are free for active members. Members receive reduced prices for the annual Symposium and other special events where an admission fee is required.

How can I register and pay the fee?

You can register per email or via the page Application form | Mitgliedschaftsantrag. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation and invoice from IHRC.

Where do IHRC Events take place?

Event locations are announced in regular email invitations sent by IHRC. IHRC Events are online or at venues centrally located in the Zürich area.

How is a typical event run?

Breakfast Dialogue starts at 7.30 AM with coffee and Gipfeli served at the event. Presentation and discussion takes place until around 9:15 AM. Lunch & Learn sessions start at 11:30 AM with sandwiches and cakes served on arrival. Presentation and discussion lasts until around 1:15 PM.

Who organizes the events? How do I know about an event?

The Core Team together with the ZGP/IHRC office organizes the regular events. Upcoming events are announced and published on the IHRC website. You’ll also receive invitations by email from IHRC. For more information please email Esther Martin at [tocco-encoded-addr:MTAxLDExNSwxMTYsMTA0LDEwMSwxMTQsNDYsMTA5LDk3LDExNCwxMTYsMTA1LDExMCw2NCwxMjIsMTAzLDExMiw0Niw5OSwxMDQ=].


Sponsoring is very welcome! Please contact us - we can discuss and shape the type of cooperation! IHRC - your inquiry


Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact information in the footer. Tanya is available via LinkedIn.