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IHRC | Employee Compensation in Covid-19 times and beyond: a Total Rewards approach

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Attracting, engaging, motivating to perform and retaining the best professionals is critical for any organization, perhaps more so in the current business environment – VUCA macro context, Covid-19, deep digital and organizational transformations, and indeed changes in the way we live and work.
In this regard, putting in place the right executive and employee value proposition may indeed help manage our Human Capital whilst recognizing current and expected generation of business and organizational results.

In this Session we will deal with the different elements of the Reward packages and their use, but also with its integration (the Total Rewards approach). We will also hear about WorldatWork, the world’s premier specialist Total Rewards association, and its world-class certification courses, which are now delivered online with Swiss local adaptation starting as at March 9th.

How do we make our Remuneration and Reward schemes fit for purpose ? Are they systematic, well-balanced and fair, externally competitive, oriented to true value creation, statistically validated, ready to scale ? How do factors such as Performance management, the Future of Work, Equal Pay and/or Sustainability play out vs. our different Reward programmes ?